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SOLE, F63 Treadmill

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Treadmill Features3.0 HP motor provides a range of speeds including the challenging 12 mph top speed.Cushion Flex Whisper Deck reduces impact to joints by 40%15 levels of incline provide the right challenge for runners and walkers of all abilities.Flywheels create a smoother,Heavy-duty steel construction meant to last for life.TechnologyUnmatched convenience with handlebar adjustment technology.Bluetooth Audio Speakers – listen to music from your smart devices through the speakers on the console.Integrated entertainment systems make time fly during workouts.USB PortUSB Port – Charge your smart devices while working out.Tablet HolderIntegrated tablet holder – gives you the freedom to use your smart devices to watch shows or follow your workout routines.

1. Purchased July 25th 2019 delivered August 5th (minus weekends it arrived in 7 shipping days and 5 days ahead of maximum promise date. Not bad at all.

2. The item is Dropshiped, so the man in the truck is only responsible for getting your signature and leaving the package in the driveway. If you want more I would suggest, ” I’ll give you $×××× if you help me move this to ___________.”

3. Assembly is fairly easy. Tip 1. The clamps that they first tell you to put in the very first sentence do not need to be put in until the end anyway and will probably get knocked off and lost before you get to the part where you put the screw in so just set it aside. Tip 2. In the first step you put in the bottom molding for the handles. Orientation is with the tube that are going to take the screws up, facing each other, and forward. Tip 3. Get your chi on before you attempt step six and I bet you can’t get through it without swearing. Tip 4. You can remove and reattach the belt that holds the platform to the frame at any time. When this felt is removed in the platform is in the up position the treadmill easily rolls on its four wheels. Then if it needs to be placed sideways to get through doors the belt can then be reattached. I am going to keep the belt in case I have to move it again.

4. This treadmill is nice, for a thousand bucks I’m shocked. Plugged it in, turned it on, and it works. As far as overhead space I am 5 foot 8 in tall and the ceiling in the room that my treadmill is in is 7-foot. At 15° incline my head is 3-inchs from the ceiling.

5. I did go for the 3-year extended warranty from Amazon. I know, I know there always a ripoff. Thing is though some companies that sell exercise equipment tend to ship and run. From what I read Soul isn’t one of them. Also I seriously doubt that I’ll ever be able to get anyone to come out to where I live to fix this treadmill for under $57. 3 years peace of mind.

Summary: so far I am extremely pleased with this purchase, so if this never gets updated it means I still feel that way. By the way, they give you a really good tube of treadmill Lube. Usually you just get enough to barely do one lubrication, the lube they sent came in a toothpaste tube.

After a year without a treadmill, I was eager to get back to work. There are many good options for much less money than my last one, some 15 years ago. I saw lots of good reviews of this model and the feature set was attractive.
The good: Speed range is excellent and the elevation options (up to 15 degrees) are great. There are several ways to adjust speed/pitch and I really like the buttons right there on the handrails. The little fan, while slightly underpowered, still provides a welcome breath of air across a sweaty face. I also like the bluetooth support and the built-in speakers. Some music, podcasts or audio books are a welcome companion for an hour of exercise.

I can’t speak to durability. I’ve had it less than two months, but it feels pretty solid. Other customers have remarked on long life, so here’s hoping.

The not-so-good: There are things that could have easily been improved at little or no cost. The built-in speakers are underpowered. They don’t need thumping bass, but they don’t really get spoken audio past the sound of the treadmill itself. I’ve gone back to my earbud. The handrails are the biggest drawback. First of all they’re too short, stopping before the midpoint of the bed. Their shape is also wrong. Rather than being tubular (like a bicycle handlebar) they have a tall and thin elliptical profile. I have large hands and I can’t get a firm grip. The surface material of the handrails is also a hard textured plastic. A little sweat and it’s even harder to get a grip on them. For those of us who like a little stabilization, these handrails are a problem.

And finally, there are a few dumb things that turn up during assembly. Some of the plastic housings must be attached by threading a machine screw upward (from an awkward sitting position) and just hoping the screw will bite before it falls out. Making these captive screws or changing the order of assembly would make a difference. I found myself making many unkind remarks about the mechanical engineers behind this decision.

So all in all this is a good treadmill that could have been much better with only a little thought.



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