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Let this Bob Pro take care of the housekeeping. Giving you a well-earned break, this robot vacuum cleaner uses an advanced navigation system to move around the house. It features a powerful yet quiet vacuum to pick up dirt, hair and crumbs littered across your floors. Setting Bob Pro to clean is as easy as pressing a single button, and its dustbin is washable for low maintenance. This vacuum will return to its charging station when the battery is low; the battery life lasts up to 100 minutes.

  • Enhanced navigation system means more coverage in fewer passes
  • Runs on tile, hardwood, carpet and rugs, avoids stairs, and returns to charge when low on battery
  • Bob obeys the schedule you give him for any and all days of the week
  • At just 3 in., Bob fits almost everywhere and lasts up to 100 minutes to take care of every spot
  • Rinse fully-washable dustbin for easy maintenance and a complete clean
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Purchased bObsweep earlier this year it was working great going around living room cleaning rug. Then just last week the charging station went bad bOb could not be charged. Went to website https://www.bobsweep.com/ wrote to customer service which they then sent a new charger. Received it the other day. Charged bOb up he is now back to work, doing what bOb does best. So if you want a great robot along with a great customer service give bOb tryOne overnight charge and no more floor debris on my bare feet! At nine months old, Bob was having issues. I called customer service. I received a shipping label at no charge to me. Two weeks later, Bob was back and as good as new!

Let me start by saying we have a 2300 square foot house with all laminate wood floors and three dogs. When we first got Bob I wasn’t blown away at what he did because it didn’t leave us with completely clean floors like I had hoped. I also felt like we had to do a lot of cleaning and maintenance on him in between cleanings. That’s mostly because of all the dog and human hair he had to deal with. The more time that went on the less frequently I ran him and instead just vacuumed myself. Well, I soon realized that Bob was helping much more than I gave him credit for, so I started using him more regularly. Then, something awful happened. He stopped working! I immediately contacted the Bobsweep customer service team and asked what my options were. Let me tell you that they were incredibly accommodating, attentive and helpful. Before I knew it I had a shipping label to send Bob in for a complete check up and repair! While he was away I missed him DEARLY and my dusty hairy floors showed us all what a huge help he truly is. No, he doesn’t get the entire floor spotless clean— that’s nearly impossible. But he does make a big difference in the daily maintenance of Keeping the hair and dust to a minimum and that’s all I can ask for from such a little guy and such a big job. I decided I wouldn’t ever take him for granted again and when I got him back I immediately set him on a schedule. I won’t complain about his daily maintenance if that means keeping him in shape to tend to our floors daily and help keep them looking cared for! Also, you can’t beat the price for a great robotic vacuum! Thanks Bobsweep! You’ve got a customer for life!

I received Bob Jones I from my husband for Christmas two years ago. We loved him from the first. We cared for him as he cared for our floors. We ran him through his paces too – we tried to get him to fall down steps, but his sensors stopped him every time. We thought he wouldn’t make it over our thresholds, but he walked himself back until he could get up enough momentum. We learned how to take out each little part and get all the hair and other debris out. He tried to hang himself on a window blind once, but we rescued him in time. He retrieved Legos, he ate clouds and clouds of dog hair tumbleweeds. We learned what all of his signals meant. But then one day, he stopped going. We cleaned and cleaned, to no avail. Then we called customer support and they were even more amazing than Bob himself. They reassured us that we’d done all we could for Bob and that we needed to send him in to the Bob Hospital. All we had to do was pay for the postage. The surgeons there tried their best, they really did, but Bob’s front brushes just wouldn’t go like they were supposed to. They regretfully informed us that Bob Jones I had swept his last, but that in death, he’d donated his vital organs so that other Bobs could continue working. They also very happily sent us Bob Jones II, brand new, in perfect condition. After several weeks of not being able to get him to work with Bob Jones I’s remote though, we contacted customer service again. They sent us the exact info that we needed and Bob II is now also a treasured member of the Jones family and is happily cleaning our home once again. We HIGHLY recommend the BOBSweep company. Our Bobs themselves have been super easy to clean and get to work like we want, and the customer service is phenomenal!



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