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PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Pet hair is no hassle with the bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop. He finds crumbs and debris around your home and sweeps it into an extra large 1100 mL dustbin. The TurboLift vacuum and extra-long main brush dig deep into carpets to remove fur and dirt, while his dual-layer filtration system catches tiny particles. When the battery goes below 15%, Bob automatically returns to his charging station for a boost. Pilot him manually with the remote or customize a cleaning schedule for up to 7 days of the week.

  • Specially designed to clean up pet hair and fur by sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, filtrating, and shining UV-C light simultaneously
  • Obstacle sensors keep him from damaging furniture or falling down stairs, and dirt sensors alert him to spots that need more attention
  • 1100 ml. dustbin is perfect for storing plenty of dirt, hair, and dander from your pets
  • Easy-to-use display screen lets you customize a cleaning schedule for up to 7 days of the week
  • Dual-layer filtration removes tiny particles
  • Remote lets you manually pilot him to specific areas of your house
  • TurboLift vacuum and extra-long main brush allow him to cover more surface area with better efficiency
  • Automatically returns to his charging station when battery drops below 15%
  • Mop wipes away paw prints and polishes floors
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I absolutely love this product! I have a dog that sheds so much, & a bird that has seeds all over. This cuts down on my time having to sweep this up & throw it away. I can now do others things while bob does the work for me!Oh gosh, where do I even start! My mom gave me a bOb as a gift. I have reclaimed hard wood floors throughout my house, and I needed something that kept working for me even when I couldn’t. Thanks to a toddler and a VERY fluffy dog, my floors sure do take a beating. Recently, bOb got tangled around a pair of my husbands sleep pants, and their customer service center was able to not only repair the wheel, but was in touch with me throughout the whole process letting me know when our beloved bOb would return home. I will forever be an advocate for their products and their attentive customer service team.

I’ve only had this for a short while but am already impressed. I have been using this on both hardwood floors and on carpet. I regularly clean both but was shocked at how much this picked up. Super easy to use and now I don’t have to vacuum or swifter floors nearly as much. I’ll also comment that their customer service is amazing when you have questions.We have used the BObsweep Pethair for awhile now. We really like it. It does a very good job on our laminate and vinyl floors. We did have an issue with Bob – a possible wiring problem or a short. BObsweep has excellent customer service and product support! They worked with us through the troubleshooting process, letting us know all of our options along the way. We ended up getting a new, upgraded BObsweep Pethair via their Replacement Coverage plan. The new BObsweep works even better than our old one! We both highly recommend the vacuum and working with the company. You can’t go wrong!



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