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ANCHEER 3.25HP Folding Treadmill

The machine is great and very sturdy. I love it. But please be aware when you are pulling the machine out of the box, there is a smashing hazard. My brother got his hand pinned between the two bars in the front-the incline bar and the frame. The bar locked in place and we couldn’t get his hand unstuck for about 10 min. He said it was terribly painful. Please do be careful. Other than that mishap, we are completely satisfied with this product.Great product for the price, didnt work when it arrived the seller had to ship out a motherboard that took almost 3 weeks to get here then I had to install it.
The seller didnt communicate well with me, had to ask multiple times about the package shipping and ETA.
Seller didnt seem to care I had to wait so long. No discount, nothing just an apology.
Won’t buy from this seller again.

Very well packaged, easy to put together. I’m 5’2 and weigh 116 and was able to put this together on my own and move it around my house. So far I’m loving it. I use it with my peloton digital app on my iPhone which sits nicely on the provided rack. I like that it has two cup holders on both sides. It worked right out of the package with no issues at all. It’s very quiet and doesn’t move at all while running and you go pretty fast. The auto incline is really nice. I would recommend this to friends and family. Very pleased!

I would recommend buyers to spend a couple more hundred dollars for a better quality treadmill. It’s not very sturdy, it says that max weight is over 300lbs but I am about 165 and it squeaks very step I take while running and it feels like it’s going to give out at any moment. . We received the product with minor cracks on the on the plastic panel by both handles. The app that the treadmill “works with” does not work, I can’t even register. I left a comment and the developer responded in (I’m assuming) Chinese dialect from the characters that I received. Mind you, that I only got this treadmill 3 days ago. If you do decide to take your chance on this treadmill, I would highly recommend buying the insurance that amazon offers! Also, the package arrived late. But, I understand the shipping taking 2 weeks because of the whole COVID situation, assuming that it would have arrived faster otherwise.Took a long time to get delivered, “Covid” I get it. Easy to install, did not sign up for the app. Came with 2 small cracks and it is loud, did not bothered returning since it is doing what I need – walking, running and did not want go thru the return hassle. I wish I would have spent more $$ and gotten a better machine as well as buying locally.

Amazing Pro 3.25HP Folding Treadmill with Auto Incline—-Best Choice for you !!! 

Exercising in the comfort of your own home has never been so easy, convenient, or fun! 

Why choose us? 
➤Strong 3.25HP Motor to ensure smooth and quiet workouts.
➤12 Pre-set programs allows for the user with a more challenging workout.
➤ Sturdy Construction; Max Load-bearing weight: 330 lbs.
➤Smartphone APP Control makes the treadmill operation much easier and bring more fun to exercise routines.
➤ Large Belt provides for the user run comfotable and freely.
➤Advanced LED digital monitor which keeps track time, distance, scan, speed, calories burned. 
➤This treadmill is equipped with (0-15%) automatic incline and built in speakers. Speed range (0.5-9.0 mph).
➤Designed with soft drop system, you don’t need to worry about damaging your floor. 
➤Heart-rate Sensor & Safety Emergency & Built In Speakers.
➤With a total portability with transportation wheels for easy set-up and hide-away, your home will transform into a gym and back in no time! 
➤The heavy duty steel frame and crank adds essential quality and durability to go the distance, no matter what your fitness goals. 

Standard Information:

Material: EVA Composite Belt and Steel Frame

Unfolded Dimensions: 60.4 x 27.6 x 48.8 inch

Folded Dimensions: 35 x 27.6 x 54.7 inch

Run Belt Size: 47.2 x 17 inch

Voltage: 110V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Power: 3.25HP

Speed: 0.5 – 9.0 MPH

Net weight: 102LBS

Max Loading Weight: 330LBS

Package Content:

1 x Treadmill (With Accessories and Tools)

1 x User Manual (Installation Video Included)



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